Player Component lagging


I have posted earlier regarding the Player Component delay in some phones. I have a big app where i am using the player component to play online stream.

I decide today to check that there is there any delay in my Samsung J2 if i use only a Button with Online stream

I found again the lagging.

I request Thunkable team to correct this problem.

MyRadio.aia (2.3 KB)

If delay in some phone. Could be phone issue or might be an entery level phones or processor in the phone is not powerful enough to handle it. How can it be the app issue?

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When i open the same Streaming url in Chrome in the same phone, there is no lagging.

That’s really good to start the trobleshooting. Try the same from webviewer component!

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Yes, It is working. No Delay Now in Webviewer component

How can i control play and pause now.

That’s really great it now works. Does it have a Play / Pause or Stop button by default?

Yes it have play and stop

Can’t we control the play pause with some buttons in app?

That’s great. Let user decide the control like all other media players… you can control the media volume if you want.

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If you want to make it more snappy with webviewer… you can use extended webviewer extention that will allows dailog webviewer. So it opens in an dailog and plays the audio.

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