Phone/App Emulators and Simulators for Screencasts


Hey Video Creators!

I’m curious what method you all use to share the testing or the demos of your apps in your videos?

So far I’ve been screen capturing my iPhone and then syncing the video with my screencast when editing the video. This method is not as streamlined as I’d like and sometimes I forget to record my iPhone screen.

I’ve tried setting up the emulator described in this post (, but my laptop seems to be having issues running the programs.

So I’m just curious how you all approach this and am looking for ideas.



Hello @AmbleMind
Sorry i didn’t get this pint. Can you please eleborate ?

Ya you are right. It’s a bit tricky and leanthy to capture your iphone / smartphone screen and then sync that video with the screencast while editing. So i use Team viewer to dislpay my smartphone screen Live on my Laptop Screen so that i can record both these screen on a single take. Using this method reduce my video editing time and also the file size of the video.

Ct tricks


Thanks @cttricks!

Sorry if I was unclear. But TeamViewer is exactly the kind of suggestion I was looking for. I will certainly try that out.

The question is: How do you cast/capture your phone screen when you create a video?

I’m still interested in other approaches if anyone else has one to share!


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When I first started making videos I did a search for screen casting software and eventually settled on this one by Deskshare Inc.

It did everything I wanted it to do so I didn’t do too much looking around after that. It got a UI update recently so it’s even easier to use.


There’s also a product called Mobizen that I’ve noticed quite a few YouTubers using.

I think it’s more targeted at gamers and streamers, but I’m open to correction on that.


i am using Screen Cast to. It works great.


Are you making videos too Peter?

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