Personalize ads issue

Please anyone help me…how to set up personalize ads…and blocks…my ads not showing​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Lots of video about ads issue on YouTube search there

I didn’t found any video of problem related… I say, how to set up personalized ads block…if you don’t know…go ahead

Welcome to the community!
Please before you ask something as a newbie use the searchbutton on the top right. Many Questions have been already answered. Click the search button and type “personalized ads”. You will be suprised!

than answers my post plz

I don’t understand that.
I answered Abir64 .

sorry my way is wrong, but i mean that if you expert or best in that . than help me :smiley:

Help you? With what?
You didn’t ask a question here.
I am confused. Or are Abir64 and you are the same person?