In App Purchase - Setting up a "Remove ads" product

Good afternoon @jared @tatiang Sending this and "pinging"you as you might point me into the correct direction. You both gave my very good ideas and insights over the last months… (THANK YOU FOR THAT)

I have a flow in my app that takes the user to a page where he or she may reply to a question - Do you want to remove ads in the app? One BTN for YES and One for NO
When clicking yes, this is what i built:

The question i have - is it the correct process?
On my side - i will set the stored “removeadsnow” to yes
And the have a process in the app, which make ads invisible if “yes”

Now, what happens for the user? Will he be sent to a payment page in App Store (in this case) or where is that process taking place… ?

Hope you get what i mean.
PS: Yes, everything that should be set up in App Store is there as far as i understand and there is a build product ID as you can see…

Do you have any ideas? The documentation is a little limited!!!
Thank in advance…

The docs are so far from limited. I wrote them :joy:

Not the best, but includes a lotta info

And no. This is inadequate

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Hmmm :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grinning: well iam not sure i get what you mean… Did i do something right here … :scream: or not at all…

I don’t have any experience with in-app purchases so I won’t be able to help out here.

Do the code that you have shown. Try on the APK file. If nothing happens, try using stripe/PayPal API.

Hello Again @jared
Perhaps i am stupid but i dont understand your answer… sorry…
How is user moved to an actual purchase? What happens when he clicked the JA (Yes) button
Can u enlighten or poin me into the right direction… ?
Thanks in advance…

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