How to put payments

Hi guys

I create this app

I want put in the “payment button” on the click show a message if you want buy this for $10, how i do this?
So who buy this, buy just one time… not will buy every click…

Thanks =)

do you mean that a person when they download your app must pay a once off payment, then they receive full access?

and if they do not want to buy they get a free version with limited features

The app will be free, just need pay to have this button acess and no ad’s

ah okay i understand now. I have never experimented with this, but i believe to do something like this it must be linked with the play store to make payments. I have had issues before that when you update apps that sometimes stored variables can be set to default. You could have it that on payment confirmation, set variable: premium to true, then on each screen have if variable premium = true, set admob ads visible to false.

This is the only possible solution i can find.