PDF Reader crash with Android

Hallo dear Team! I created the following app with 2 buttons to open a PDF file. When it opens the application crashes and I cannot understand why this happens on operating system based on Android. If I emulate the application with the Thunkable app this does not happen. Some one can tell me what is wrong or where I did a mistake? I need quickly an answer because we want to release an application with over 2500 questions and I need the PDF viewer for the annexes!

Best regards and thankyou in advance


Hey @adamsacchet ,

These two buttons seem to loading the same PDF?

Do you have 2500 pdf files that you want to upload to your project?

Hey domhnallohanlon, no i have around 80 PDF that i need to open.
I used 2 different way to try to open the document, with the button PDF-1 i use the default Thunkable option and with the PDF-2 I used a string to call the PDF document. With both the option the application crashes when i install the APK on an android phone (with IOS it seems to work well).

FYI, the APP does not crash when I open the PDF via web link like: www.aaaaa/prova.pdf
Could be that the Local address i am giving is it wrong?