PDF in Dropbox wont open on Samsung Note

I have a basic app that has buttons that hold a link to a pdf that is stored in my dropbox. This app works fantastic, but it shows that it wont work with Samsung Note. Any ideas why?

the only other component on this app is a share option that opens email to email a direct link to the pfd.

Is this enabled?

for the column that my list of buttons are on, it is enabled.

For the entire screen1

No it is not enabled on any screen

, enable and see if it works on the Note

Cian, just to clairify, when i attempted to use it on a samsung note, the buttons work, but gets an error when trying to open the PDF

What error

gets and error that says “cannot display PDF id of invalid format”

This works perfectly fine on my S8 phone, but the S8 Note, gets the above error

Are you using the webviewer component or an extension to view

annnd you officially found the limits of my knowledge, LOL. Sorry, i am definitely new at this. I put the PDF in DropBox, and got a shareable link that i have linked to the button in my app.

For my Blocks, i have “when button click” “open link”, with a “text box”, with the shareable link.

does that make sense?