Paavani from USA

I want to build games.

Hey @ashwani.mathur3difzz

What sort of games are you interested in building?

I’m just a kid starting on thunkable. Can you give pointers on what what games I can start with?

Also I am not able to access the varibles section of the app building course. Could you please help me out?

Hey @ashwani.mathur3difzz

We have 3 great sample games that you can get started with here:

Can you send us a screenshot of what this section looks like for you? It seems to be fine for me


Here is the screenshot.

Hi - Do you have any update on this? I am still not able to see the Variables section.

The videos should be visible for you to see now @ashwani.mathur3difzz



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It works now. Thanks for your help.!

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No problem at all, let us know what you think!

Also, have you made any progress with your gaming app?