OSO Browser (Now AIA file is public) - Browse & Earn pocket money with style (Published on Play Store)


please try after some time.


I try it many times but always same error on all builders


How i can personally contact to you brother? Please tell me how!


Mail me at [email protected]


what about sending a PM? probably posting your email address in a public forum is not a good idea, is it? do you want to attract loads of spam in your inbox?


When I open the aia and go to block section it is too much lagy


That’s the problem from thunkable, not mine.


then how you build the app in this condition?


patience bro


Login Page Runtime error

Otp not sending
Not at all sign up


Please reply sir


sorry, i don’t have enough knowledge to solve this. Search the internet or seek other source


brother @OSO_Browser can you please tell in detail what all to change and how to do to publish this on playstore as a new application my email is [email protected]