Open the Facebook app

Hi, I created my IoS App and would like to open the Facebook App through a button, can you help me please? Thanks

You can open the website using “open link in error” not the app though.

You don’t need to program ‘anything in on error’

For example it is possible to open apps like whatsapp with a specific command. Can a similar solution be found?

Sorry can’t do that :expressionless:

but still, you add WhatsApp web

There is a way, but facebook keeps changing it and what used to work now doesn’t work anymore,make a google search and you will find out


I don’t have an iPhone, but maybe try this in the link:

Android is slightly different:


Facebook page ID used is Thunkable

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This is how you can open FB with your profile: Use “Open link” block and write this code in it but change the ID number with your profile ID number: