Open other app with openlink

hi, i’m gently asking how to open an external app throught my project.
My app can open some of the most famous applications (such as Whatsapp or Zello), but someone else it can’t(the app that i tried open unsuccesfully is " Anpas Toscana" … in your opinion this is maybe caused by the space between the 2 words that compose the name of the app? how to try to bypass the space into a name composed by 2 words??).
There’s a way to open every applications throught mine?

I used this procedure: [when button click–>open link–>Name app://]

But when i click on the button assigned to “Anpas Toscana” doesn’t happen anything, the app doesn’t start.

No one can help me?

I didn’t even know this is possible. Are you doing this on an Android phone? What is the purpose of opening an app from within your Thunkable app? Normally, if you wanted to have the user send a text or email, for example, you’d use the messaging components in Thunkable.

Have you tried Anpas%20Toscana:// ??? I doubt it will work but it’s worth a shot.

i’m doing it for ios and android, because is not for share text or message, it’s for manage some process and some app from just one app.
Yes i’have tried “anpas%20toscana”,"_","-""
", “anpastoscana”, but i haven’t fix it… it’s really weird…