Open Spotify app and login automaticly

I like to open the spotify app and login.
I have got the blocks to open the app. But where do I type in the login and password. I have also got Clint ID if I need that. I am not sure if I have or need a API key??
I hope some one can help me and also show me some pictures of the blocks og screen dump to se the right input fields for the login and password.

Is there not anyone that have tried this before and maybe can help me…

Hi, @funhall
A simple auto.login system

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Hi BlueWhale and thanks for your fast reply. But i dont think this works on spotify. Because you have to enter the login and password some where. Or s it me that is wrong.
Your example works on a crenn in your own app where you can pass the Begin screen if there have beed logged in berfore rigth???