Automatic Logins

I have coded a log in/sign up screen for my app. After the user creates an account and logs in, their information is auto filled next time they log in. Is there any way to code the app to automatically skip the log in/sign up screen if the user has already logged in before?

Sure! Can you share your code?

Sure thing - my project link is here. Just to warn you: unlike most people, I made two separate screens, one to log in and one to sign up.

Sorry to make you share. I just looked at one of my projects and snapped some shots of code.

You need a way to save the password/email. I do this with a switch/button on the sign in screen. A “remember me” switch/button.

Then you can ask the app to see if this exist upon the app starting and let it login if so.

This is how I make the save happen

Thanks for the help! I think I got a bit lost while coding that, so my app isn’t working properly. Could you please look over my code? (I didn’t add the “remember me” switch, instead I tried to make that function automatic.)