Onesignal API Mismatched Bundle ID

Can someone please tell me how the onesignal api really works step by step.
I have got it to work on my app Loan. But after new update the bundle ID has a mismatch image
And I am not sure how to update the app without all the certificate getting invalid all the time.
Can some one please help with:

  1. Can I update make the Mismatced Bundle ID right again somehow witout uploading te app again??? if yes how??
  2. When I upload update how do I do that without making mismatched Bundle ID…

I’m with the same problem!
Does anyone knows something about it?

@funhall did you have it fixed?

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There are number of posts explaining how it works however all assume your OneSignal account is correctly set up and successfully tested.

I got it to work… what I have to do:

  • regenerating the p12 file, using OneSign Provisionator;
  • edit the app profile at Apple Developer Panel;
  • download new .mobileprovision file;
  • in OneSignal settings, replace the .p12 file;
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