Official Launch of Thunkable ✕!

wow you really seem to care about feedback / critic… Also you still did not fix the Google Login issues that exist for months and now also affect X. Also there seems to be no way to style the tab menu anymore, the map component still sucks and does not work properly, the companion does either not refresh or crashes each time… I think this is much more like an Alpha than a finished product… :roll_eyes:

In some ways, you are right, but you are too close to heart accepting advertising phrases.

App Inventor was developed over 10 years, but can you say that it is a complete product? You yourself understand that in a few months it is impossible to give users the full functionality of React Native. Thunkable X crashes on Android? This is true, but then it makes sense to perceive X as a tool for iOS in the first place.

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I agree on this, This is the basic need.


Can you explain what crashes on Android? I’m not getting the same crashes. Can you share sample app that is getting the crash.


For example just adding a map component and trying to fetch user location leads to a crash immediately… Also I think it is really bad that you cannot add icons to the tab bar or navigation drawer but what is even worse is that you are forced to use preset colors?! I think this is really not hard to implement but once again it is essential to create a - somewhat - nice app…

ps: is it meant to be like that → if you remove e.g. the location sensor component the components blocks stay?

also the main screen looks pretty messed up:

For now I am really disappointed of the release and don’t get why you did not improve it and make it work stable before releasing… Just to be able to say “we were the first” is no good reason to publish a half baked something…

Also instead of fixing what already exists and adding essential design elements needed to do even the most basic of apps you continue to announce/add other not that important features…