Not Showing on Device

Hi, I am trying, without any success, to get my DVL results to show up in my (screen= “AircICAOCodeScreen”). It shows up and works perfectly in “Live Test” but does not display any results on my mobile phone/device. On my device/mobile, all my other screens work perfectly and I know this should be simple but no results for the DVL ("Aircraft_ICAO_DVL1) are showing.

I have tried different “block visibility” variations but nothing seems to work. I have found on one or two posts that have shown other Thunkers have had similar problems but they all seem to relate to their Apps after publishing. My App is still in development.

Could someone please have a look at this and advise me of a solution?

Here is the link to my GSheet (although I know the problem isn’t with this):

Here is the link to my project. The screen in question is my “AircICAOCodeScreen”.

Here is an image of my blocks:

Best regards,


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