Not all data is been displaye on screen

I am using 2 diffrent input screens that only send certain data to to one table. This is wroking now, but qhen I want to preview the data it send only the first info that have data in. if the column is empy it just stop, how can I get it to show every thing. here is my blocks for display the info.

Can you give some examples of this? I don’t quite understand.

Thank you, here is what is wrong.
on the 28/03/2023 I have data in B, E, F AND G, but it only show B and C and n ot the rest as it should (see Screen shot)
on the 29/03/2023 I have added all columns data, then it shows all of them
on the 30/03/2023 B, C and D only
on the 31/03/2023 it shows all

So it does not show if the column is empty, how can IO get pased it so show even if the column is empty

Your blocks look correct so I am guessing that the problem is a known bug with the Get Value block retrieving cached data.

Here is a workaround using the Get Row Object block instead: [Solved] Airtable "get value from cell" block returns cached data [June 2022] - #2 by jared

And another workaround is to use the List of Values block. See the first link above.

Thank you that help

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