Not able to asign text to label while cloning


I am trying to append text to a label during the cloning process. I am using the method I typically use but this is not working. Does anyone have an idea why?

Here are the blocks

I do know that list of terms complies/parses correctly. You can return a list of words by typing in ‘ant’ and clicking the button.

this makes my clones (i know i have it set to static number)
but this does not assign the values from the list to the cloned components. (in this case labels)

I have tried this process without assigning values from a list and just leaving a static word in the set text method. THat doesn’t work either.

here is the project code

any help is appreciated!

The all Label in clone block returns a list of labels. The from Label <> set Text block takes in a single label. You should use a for loop.


Hi @jared,

I am not sure if this goes to the right direction, but I detected a fundamental change in Thunkable’s core features: setting a value (like text) of objects (like labels) seems to be performed asynchronous. This has consequences, if you write something and read it directly afterwards because the asynchronous task may not have finished. For more details you can have a look at my github issue #534.

That makes sense.

Shouldn’t this work too though? The relevant blocks are at the bottom

This should set the first label of each clone but it’s not doing anything.

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Give me a sec


tmpList was used for testing, this can be removed for cloning. If you are to use a standard list viewer then just set the text items to tmpList. :slight_smile: