Noise measurement

I would like to measure noise in my app.
Anyone have an idea to how this can be done?.

I can calculate the noise if i just have a sound file on a remote server, but then I ned to record some sound and send it to the server.

Hi @Claus_Holbech1,

At the moment the only components that have any access to the microphone are the text to speech and the Assistant component.

Unfortunately neither of these allows you to record or store audio files.

Would you mind telling us a little more about the app you’re building and why it needs noise (loudness?) measurement capabilities?


I have made an app for people living around an airport, so they can report when the airport is too noisy. But i thought it could be cool to be able to make a measurement to send with.

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@Claus_Holbech1 - they’re building a new runway in Dublin airport at the moment, I think there are a lot of people here who would like an app like this!

Yeah, it’s definitely a great idea but, while noise measurement isn’t possible maybe you can get started with logging and reporting incidents of low flying planes or similar?

Perhaps you can add a measurement feature in in the future?

I have already made the app, and it is being used at about 500 people around Copenhagen Airport at the moment because they plan to expand the airport to handle twice an many passengers a year than now.

I have also made a backend system to see statistics.
At the moment users report noise and smell incidents, and sends complaints via email to the department of enviroment.
Before I made the app, they got 400 complaints a year, now they have received more than 3000 complaints in 3 months.

So I thought a noise measurement could be a nice addition.

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