No function to decode the json?

Before using Thunkable, I could read the tree structure of a bucket at once and decode according to what I wanted to obtain
Here, if I am not mistaken, we can certainly access the properties and values ​​but invoking a cloud variable amounts to reading the database as many times as we want a set of properties and values ​​which can take a lot of time. .
Is this true?

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Yes, all true.

But you can get the cloud variable value once, assign it to an app variable and then use that app variable for all of your decoding/parsing. That way you only do one read of the Firebase data.

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Remember that Firebase will return the value as a JSON Object so you can assign this object to an app variable and then access any property/value using the object blocks.

Something like this

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i went through a few posts about json decoding but couldn’t access the td property from the following response

Capture d’écran 2021-11-22 à 03.55.20

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You get the value of td this way

You can also use the dot notation and get the value this way