Next update needs

Hello Thunkable team,

DnD should be updated to make it easy for Thunkers to build their apps. Here are some issues and requests we hope to see in the next near release:
Note: Please, hit a like if you want to see these point in the next release so Thunkable staff can see their importance.

  1. Option to start from end/start in design and block section.
  2. More blocks to have the ability to change columns contents in Airtable and spreadsheets according to columns names.
  3. Loading icon visibility to True/False
    . Click/ long click for each item in the DVL not only when DVL clicked.
  4. Column scrolling end/start


  1. Abilty to build professional apps such as:
    Marketing apps, Chatting system apps, school apps … etc.
  2. No need to sort data in Airtable and Google spreadsheets.
  3. More powerful options in design and blocks sections.
  4. The platform is built originally to make it easy for developers (Thunkers) to build their native mobile apps.
    I hope Thunkable Staff takes these notes into consideration.
    Best regards!
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This would be a good topic to check as well: 45 Ideas for Thunkable Improvement

I don’t know how many of those things have been added/fixed since then.

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