Newline in email body is written as <BR> on iOS

When using newline in message block on share / send email the newlines is printed as
. Anyone knows a workaround.
(This is only on ios, Android works as expected)

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This workaround should work


Thank you for your suggestion, but \r is just written as \r in the body.
I have tried \n but that is converted to
like the newline.

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Then try %0A

This is the new line in html hex code.

Thanks, but that don’t work either. it just writes the %0A in the email.

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I have found this page, that indicates that it is a problem with iOS 14.6+

It seems like apple has removed support for rich content, such as HTML, for mailto links from iOS 14.6+

So my guess is that there is no workaround for it.

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