New Way to Get a Value From Firebase

Here’s a new way to get a value from Firebase, and only the value.

[Note that this will not work if you have multiple values, you would need a list and do each value individually]

Basically, it sends the value with “!” on each side to the Firebase. Then, when it comes back as a JSON, we can get the text that is only between the "!"s.

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Why do you want to make it complicated on yourself.

Firebase returns the values as objects so use the object method to extract any specific value.

This is from one of my sample project

to retrieve any specific value from the response of Firebase, you need to do this

Where the green block item is the selected item from the List viewer

Here is the link to the sample project


I’m just now exploring how Objects and JSON. I’m not really sure what the code is doing.

Either way, just wanted to explore a new way to do it :slight_smile:

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Great. Keep it up. We all started by curiosity and exploring.

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Doing this type of stuff is neat but there is a more efficient manner to do this. As your app begins to expand, you’ll want to maintain efficiency as much as possible to prove the user a nice UX that isn’t laggy.

100 milliseconds doesn’t feel like anything. 250 does

Milliseconds matter.


This isn’t going onto the app store or google play, I’m doing this for Hackathon. I wanted something that was similar to how Thunkable Cloud Vars worked because that’s what I was used to. The timer is simply there to check if the player is online or not.

And again, I still don’t really know how objects or JSON work all the way yet.

Thanks for your support either way!