New Thunker - Building in Diversity in Accessiblity in Apps - Help?

HI everyone,

I’m a lurker on the Community forums here, but can’t seem to find any discussions around app accessibility options.

Issue In short - I am learning/developing an app, and have buttons placed on the left hand side of screen, but as the app is designed for one hand use, wanted them to be able to be moved to right hand side of screen (and switch with labels). From this I figured I should/could add in functions for colour blindness (through a palette change), and dyslexia (in a font change).

Technical in short - Using DnD platform, mid-development (so I can’t really move to Legacy without starting again).

  • I have switches and sliders for indicators, and use these to set specific variables on an accessibility screen. This variables will be checked across screens to set specific characteristics on each screen.
  • Switches and sliders work as needed, but I am limited with options in DnD to how they operate.
    That is;
  • my Dyslexia switch should change font’s on a page [but no option in DnD].
  • my Left or Right handed switch should change X value of buttons/labels [but no option in DnD]
  • my Colour blind slider should set a palette on each page [I think this will work but haven’t tested yet]

My topic/questions

  • How to other developers approach accessibility? Do you consider or not?
  • in the DnD, is there capability to dynamically update font (asides from font style)?
  • is there / when will there be capability to set a design theme for the whole app? (as in one single font across all pages) so this can easily be changed?
  • is Legacy better placed to incorporate this kind of design?

I am just learning and exploring, but this particular topic is helping me grasp how to use variables effectively. Can post draft blocking if anyone thinks it would be of use.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Welcome to Thunkable.

As far as I know both the DnD and the StP UIs you cannot change the font family.

To show left side/right side menu buttons, you can create two and keep one hidden. When the user selects one side then you hide the other side and show the selected side.

Happy Thunking!

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Actually, we added this for customFontFamily but not for standard font! I will make this a feature request today but am not sure when it will get added in. I’ll bring it up in a meeting this week too! Great idea @jjjones

For this, I would have duplicate groups and show/hide them as needed. 1 on the left, 1 on the right. 1 would always be hidden.

This is on our “big item” updates list. Hoping to be able to do something with this later this year!

Not really. Both interfaces have these same limitations.

For this, I would set element colors as needed using blocks.

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Thanks for the response everyone,

For the Left/Right, I had considered the visible/not visible options, but had also thought about just creating a separate screen with the different layout and navigate to would operate accordingly. I have a feeling visible/not visible will operate with less blocks so will test with that.

Regarding the font, I did find the custom Font Family, but need to test just yet.

Will mark this as solved though as I have the direction I want to head.



Sorry. To be clear here, this can be changed using this propert when a user is on a business or higher plan. Lemme ask the team when we may reasonably have font changes as an option


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