Accessibility Label

Hi guys,

I was testing my app on a screen reader and the buttons don’t show up as buttons (as if they are not labeled as button in the code), the screen reader just reads the name of the button.
Then I saw that Thunkable has a “accessibility label” in buttons’ advanced settings, but I couldn’t make it work for some reason,. The screen reader keeps on reading just the name of the button.
Anyone know here knows how does it work? Do you have another suggestion for labeling buttons?

Hi there,

I installed ChromeVox screen reader and found that when I’m viewing the Design screen, it will read out the text of a Button, not its name.

Is this what you experience?

What would you want the screen reader to say? Do you want it to say ‘Button [Button name]’ or ‘Button [Button Text]’ or something else?

We want Thunkable to be as accessible as possible!


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Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Thank you once again for answering me.

Ideally, the screen reader should read ‘Button [Button Text]’, because that way the user will know it’s an active button and therefore they should press it, instead of it being just a simple text with no interaction needed, for example.

I’ve seen that in Thunkable Classic, the screen reader does say ‘Button [Button Text]’ (and the same goes for the notifiers), but in Thunkable X it doesn’t happen anymore.

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Thank you so much for this info and feedback! I’ll tell the team about this matter and see what we can do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the suggestion, Sofia! We’ve added that to our queue of feature enhancements.