Alternative text for images


Hi guys,

any of you know how to put an alternative text for images in Thunkable? Like the ones we would use the atribute alt in html.


Hi there,

You can’t really hover over an image in an app the same way you can on a website, so alt text isn’t really possible in Thunkable X.

Would you be happy having a Label in your app that only shows when you are pressing on an image (by using a Button to display your image)?



Thanks for your answer! I think a label like the one you explained would not work in my project, because I am working with blind users. I was looking for something like content description that would show up in a screen reader.


Hi there,

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you wanted the alt text for!
You can work around this with a Button: just set your image as the background picture of the Button, then add the image description as the Button text, where the colour of the Button text is set to transparent (outlined in red in the image below).

A user looking at the app will just see the image, while a user with a Screen reader will hear the Button text read out to them like alt text.

You can check out an app that does this here and let me know if it works for you!

I think you’ll only see the image if you Live Test it, but the Button Text should be audible if you have a Screen Reader both in Live Testing and when looking at the app in the Thunkable Design screen.


Oh thanks. This worked out in my case. I’ll be using this from now on when instead of using an image.


I’m glad it works for you!