App themes and updating UI components

So just starting out with Thunkable and from I can see it could be a very powerful piece of software to allow us to make MVP’s with a minimum amount of time.

The only thing I cannot see is how we could create a theme - IE lets say we want all buttons to have a certain set of styles like background colour, foreground colour, border, etc. Then later if we wanted to change the background colour we could just change the theme settings and all those buttons would have the new background colour.

Is this possible in some way even if its via the blocks perhaps?

Another scenario would be if we needed to change certain aspects of the UI due to feedback from Apple/Google - would we need to go through every button to make the same change?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it’s possible using Any Component blocks.

These blocks let you loop through “all buttons in a screen” or “all labels in a screen” etc. and change properties of those components including colors.

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I did see that, I will give them a go tomorrow.


That’s a brute-force workaround that makes it… almost … usable.
In order for this to be properly usable as themes, all style properties would have to be available there and many are missing (eg. border styles, like radius,etc…)

But even better than that would be if we could have a project theme configuration screen. Perhaps organized by “tags” so that we could (for example) tag specific components with tags to theme them differently (could be the Thunkable equivalent of CSS classes).
Then we could even use the any component blocks to loop through tags as well…
to be honest I think this may be the only feature needed to allow thunkable to actually replace normal app development languages; right now it would be such an effort to properly customize the look&feel of an app that it’s not really worth the conveniences that thunkable brings