New navigate screen block -Should i change the old ones?

I would like to know if I have to modify all the old navigate screen blocks
My app is crashing when I open it. Is possible that those blocks be the reason? Thanks

@Leito, I don’t think so - the update should be backwards compatible, but I’ll double-check for you.

If I recall correctly, your app was crashing before this block was released, right?

When you say “open” are you live testing or installing your app?

What platform are you working on ?


Sory for the mix. Since this update the bigger APK apps crashes during the slash screen.(In my phone) (In other phone with the same version I could open it. (But in the past I never had any problem with that phone). (Android phone) (I m working in Windows)

I tested the old navigate buttons with small apps and those worked perfect.(One of my possible theorys was that might be in cases with a lot of screens, that affects) I don’t know.

Then, In Thunkable Live with the same blocks I showed to you, If I use the “GetRow” block(Airtable) Thunkable Live crashes, If I use “UpdateRow”, it not crashes but does`t works. “CreateRow” Works perfect.