Never give up your dreams

Today I will write this topic as a form of thanks.
Today I want to thank this huge community that gave me so much.
I, at about 6 months, did not have any kind of knowledge about
android platform and thanks to a great friend who today is a brother to me
(Nice_kode4) Philip Thomsen, we managed in 3 months to make a project of 20,000 euros, which
will be placed in Portugal at a national level in the future.
Philip never asked me for money, always humble, saying that a thank you to Him would be enough.
What do I mean by that?
There were many times when I cried, I hit my head, I fell too many times, but I never gave up. This money will never come into my hands, because it was a project I made for my company and I will donate for free.
Plus I got something that no money can buy, the affection of this community and a brother that I will take for my whole life, my great brother Philip Thomsen.
Never give up on your dreams.
Because who stops dreaming, stops living …
Thank you very much.