Need help with my blocks logic

Annotation 2020-06-20 214928

When I put these blocks together I expect that after the button is clicked

  1. ad will open
  2. once ad is closed link will open

This is not what happens though. The ad opens but once ad is closed it just goes back to the screen and ignores the openlink commands.

it needs to be in the ‘than do’ section

Tried that. But then the ad does not open, just goes straight to the link.

Hey @jmichaud5105s
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I think you should place that link block inside the -:
When ShowAd is done.

Also try this -:

Yeah that sequence works but the problem is that the AdClose command is not related to the button so no matter what button initiates the ad it will always go to the same link instead of a unique link for each button which is what is intended. It would be easy to solve if there could be more than one ad but the platform only allows one interstitial ad.

then program it to wait the time of the ad before the link opens using the wait block in the controls

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Wow! Thanks that did solve the issue. I never would have thought that but it does! Thank you so much for your help!