Need help with creating a completion tracker / streaks feature

Hi there,
I am trying to create an app that includes a tracker for the days a user completes a task and clicks the “completed” button. It is supposed to display the past 2 days as well as today. However, I am unsure of how I am able to have the completion status “follow” their respective days.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I do not understand your idea clearly but here is what I understood:

You can use the Device->day of the weex block to know wich day of the week is.
When you use your app by the first time you should save the actual date and the week day in order to know how many days have passed since you first logged in.

Then you should save all the info required into 2 variables (u could use objects). I suggest to save the date too to compare. And you will substitute the info everytime that you open your app or click on the “submit button”