Need help creating a points generator and daily, weekly cummulative tracker

Hey there
I am creating a daily physical and mental goal tracker checklist and on the screen I am not able to figure out if users checks/clicks then how can I associate points to it and show a cummulative tracker of points down on screen below based on what they checked on that day (if no check then 0 points)? Many tutorials show a checklist button but I dont see that on thunkable so should I only use the ‘button’ option?Also is there a way to do a calculation to show a weekly score, monthly score and so on. Thanks

Check this out. Are you trying to build something like that?

Attached is what am trying to create. Figured out how to make the points add on. However now stuck with few follow on questions:

  • The points work as you can see bottom of screen when user clicks on the green button (couldnt find a checklist option so just added an image on button is there a better way?). Just started sample on green one to see if it works this is still draft mode. However not sure how to add cumulative points when user checks more than one on list?
  • I have a login screen with username and password and also have a FB database created but not sure how to add a weekly tracker cumulative for points, save today’s points for specific user and so on with days associated.
    Thanks much for helping out.

Here is the code if it helps. I am writing to Realtime DB should I choose something else? how will it connect what each user scored last time and save and accumulate and write in FB database? Thanks

Have you tried the cloud variables yet?

Trying to figure that out and how to change my above code to do that so it gets recorded into cloud. Is there a good tutorial or resource you can point me to? Thank you

Here is my Sandbox. Maybe this could be helpful. It is counting items in the cloud.

Use the side navigator. see the screen cloud counter.

Remix Link