Need help with api POST call to register user with Bubble vía API workflow

How to set parameters for doing a post web api calls?


It depends on what you need. Can you provide details about the API?

Did you already do a Google search for post API Thunkable? Because the first few results include topics on the forums that have video tutorials and sample screenshots of blocks.


I tried this but didn’t work

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The POST and HOST in the Headers are part of the URL and should not be mentioned in the header.

I don’t know about the email and password of they have to be in Body or in QueryParameteres.

removed post and host.
Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 5.45.43 PM

But response is empty

When I try them in QueryParamaters I get error saying missing parameters.


That’s great! That means your api call was a success! What were you hoping to receive as a response?

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Can you display the Error and the Status to see if there is an error reported by the server.

Are you expecting a login token or something similar?

There was no entry in the database. email was not inserted to the database

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If you are referring to the database of the cart provider then I’m sorry I wouldn’t be able to help.

Solved it the problem was that the parameters was never set on button click. Thanks for the assist.

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You need to check with the owner/provider of the simple database and ask them to check the logs or whatever things they need to do to trace your request and why it is not recorded in the database.

Great news. Then please mark this post as solved so others can refer to it and get the quidance.

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