Bubble.io API - data not sending to API

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I did comment on a topic a week ago but it’s over a year old and nobody is replying, oop.

At the moment I’m just trying to log the user into the Bubble app, which doesn’t require an access token. Need to send a POST request with their email and password.

Issue I’m having, is that no matter how I set up the parameters, they’re not making it to Bubble.

I’m using the Workflow API: Workflow API - Bubble Docs

I’ve been able to replicate the request using the same data I am entering into the Thunkable app via an API tester.

Example of how it’s being sent:

response i got from sending this, 400 : Missing parameter for workflow login: parameter email

(Bubble’s API returns only the first error, so it’s relatively safe to assume password isn’t going through either)

TIA :slight_smile:

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This is what Bubble is receiving:

From this workflow:

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(yes, even after I cleaned up the extra arguments lying around there)

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It is clear that the email is not passed to Bubble. Are you sure it should go to the Query Parameters?

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@bakkbone I worked this one out today for someone else and thought I’d share it here. We love to see more integrations being used!

Not sure it’s the most secure way to log someone in but, secure info could be encrypted thunkable side via the webviwer and decrypted bubble side.

and this ends up returning


Thank you Jared for your help. I am using data API, it worked! Well Done!.

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