Bubble.io API - data not sending to API

Hi y’all

I did comment on a topic a week ago but it’s over a year old and nobody is replying, oop.

At the moment I’m just trying to log the user into the Bubble app, which doesn’t require an access token. Need to send a POST request with their email and password.

Issue I’m having, is that no matter how I set up the parameters, they’re not making it to Bubble.

I’m using the Workflow API: Workflow API - Bubble Docs

I’ve been able to replicate the request using the same data I am entering into the Thunkable app via an API tester.

Example of how it’s being sent:

response i got from sending this, 400 : Missing parameter for workflow login: parameter email

(Bubble’s API returns only the first error, so it’s relatively safe to assume password isn’t going through either)

TIA :slight_smile:

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This is what Bubble is receiving:

From this workflow:

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(yes, even after I cleaned up the extra arguments lying around there)

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It is clear that the email is not passed to Bubble. Are you sure it should go to the Query Parameters?

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