Need help making photo slideshow

Hello all,
I was wondering if I could get some help with my app? I am making an app that is supposed to help police with their stress for my design project in class. I have a section dedicated to family where photos are meant to be inserted and an endless slideshow was to go on. However, I tried doing so without any help and I can not seem to find any solid tutorial with what I want on the community page nor on YouTube. If I could get some help or some suggestions that would be great!
Thank you,

Hi @Ty_Rodine :wave:

Wow! That sounds like a fantastic idea for an app - can I ask what class you are taking where you get to build apps?

We did a tutorial recently all about making an image carousel, which is where the images go into continuous loop, just like you want.

Check it out here:

Hello @domhnallohanlon
I am doing it in my design class. We have the decision to make apps or build anything that is a solution for a selected problem. Thank you for the video link, I will have to check it out.
Thank you again,