Need Help in Creating a Function

I am a Beginner Coder in Thunkable developing an App which give sun rise and Sunset timings based on date Time and Location.
I found a web page which has the exact calculation but I am unable to convert it into X Thunkable Code.
Hence need your help to convert the same below is the Link of the Web page.
Please help

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What an awesome idea for an app!!

Thunkable is not great at complex calculations. But there is a Web API (REST API) that does the work for you Prayer Times API - Prayer Times and Adhan Player.

I would recommend you look at the Thunkable documentation on using the Web API components Web API - ✕ Docs. First try to re-create the example yourself. Then you can try to use the Web API listed above. The Web APIs are a somewhat advanced component, but once you learn them, your app will be simplier, faster, and have far fewer chances for bugs.

When you finally start working on the prayer API, don’t hesitate to post specific questions to the discussion group. The best help requests identify a very specific problem and screen shots of the blocks, the designer, and output of the app.

Happy Thunking!