Need help for making a code like this

If the 2nd input is 4,4,3,4
Your App must display Bob,Sara,Adam,Jane

i wouldnt like the answer but i cant find a way to shuffle the list accordingly not randomly and how to integrate the two this is timed so please help!

This sounds suspiciously like a classroom assignment.
You’re not asking us to do your homework for you ARE YOU? :wink:

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its homework but i really just need help :frowning:

If I understand the problem correctly, I think my plan of attack would be to use two lists, getting from the first and setting into the second in the order specified.

Your screenshot isn’t displaying.

You posted an entire assignment. The best way to use the forums is to post details about what you’ve tried already, including screenshots and project links when appropriate, and then to ask a specific question.

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OK, so you’ve set up your list. I’d encourage you to take a look at the blocks available under Lists - there are several that seem to do parts of what you want, like making lists from text, getting items from lists based on their position, or adding items to specific places in lists. I’d encourage you to check them out. You might also find this documentation helpful (although I don’t think it’s as good as some other parts of the documentation are): Lists - ✕ Docs

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Just because you are in a hurry doesn’t mean we are. You can put in the time to learn Thunkable and then ask questions here when you get stuck.


Here the app variable names_ans is the answer