Navigation bar at the bottom is missing

Hi there,

has anybody the same idea, that there is a need for a navigation bar at the bottom of the home screen, which is in - let me think… - 90 % of all apps available on the appstore and playstore :slight_smile:

It should have a height of approximately 56 px.
it has 4 or 5 bottoms in a row.
it has icon symbols and often a short text underneath
it shows feedback after clicking.
it is available on every screen
the icon symbol changes the color after being clicked.

If you still do not know, what element I mean, start any app on your device and you will see.



“it is available on every screen” - ​tab navigator with supports the ability to add tab icons to the tab bar - coming soon!

In the current version, Thunkable X tab navigator supports only text, as you can see. For example, I manually create a tab navigator with icons, although this is quite difficult.

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