MySQL/PHP get requests

Hello valuable users of Thunkable, I’m really been more than 2 months to a problem that I really need to be fixed for my uni project. I want to read from a Mysql database and PHP and put the read value in a Label for example. I tried the Puravid Apps method but it viewed all the readings from the database I just want to select a specific row from the database. Please help me guys and gals as it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Look here

I use PHP code on web server… similiary like this.

$sql = “SELECT * FROM dbname WHERE Date BETWEEN ‘$dateFrom_ap’ AND ‘$dateTo_ap’ $req_ap ORDER BY Date ASC”;
This select rows between date…

Look here for sql commands


Hi @Abanoub_Gallah, are you using Thunkable X or Thunkable Classic?

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I’m using Thunkable X

Then which Puravida Apps Method are you referring to?

Thank you for your help, I want to display the recent data on Mysql to a label in Thunkable X can’t find how

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The one found here:
When I try it with my app it doesn’t work. All I want to do is read from mysql database the recent data entry which is a datetime data type into a Label in my app.

That tutorial is only really relevant to Classic users.

Can you send me a screenshot of the headers you are using:


And another screenshot of the the blocks you are using too.

Hello, I need help to just read a value from MySql database with PHP server and place its value in a Label in Thunkable X. Please help me as I’m really struggling to find a solution.

@Abanoub_Gallah - have you had any luck with this?

Hello, @domhnallohanlon thanks for keeping up. Unfortunately, the issue has not been solved yet. You mentioned that Puravidapps is irrelevant in Thunkable X (lacking components?). Also, I don’t understand what do you mean by the Headers. I still don’t know what blocks to create for this task.

I want to write back as I found the solution by converting PHP to JSON then I read it from the app and placed it in a label.