Mysql and Thunkable X

Hi, I’m back with a new project !

Does anyone knows where can I find some tutorials, infos, tips to use Mysql on X platform ?
How should I replace these blocks in thunkable X?
It comes from this tutoriel :

Thank you for your help!

Thunkable X does not support mysql, you will need to use web api, and make some scripts on a web server, that can return your queries as json.

If you can’t code that, then you could take a look at, or similar solutions.


Thanks for your answer,

…Hum that seems harder than Thunkable Classics and Taifun’s tutorial…

I don’t know about dream factory but I’ll take a look et this website!

yet, in time there will be more items added… :wink:

until then if sql is necessary for a project then Classic is the only way…

Thanks for your answer!
I need MySQL in X because I’m trying to create an app that i already built in Classic !

But I hope that someone can help me!

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Just go on in this discussion… I have made an app using MySQL and created my own API using PHP and all works well in Thunkable Classic and in other platforms, (just using WEB Component to get data in JSON). Can I use this kind of approach using Thunkable X?
Now, for the first time, I have to create an app to work in IOS devices and I’m looking for the best way to do this


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If you find the answer ! don’t forget to tell me!! :wink:

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Yes, of course!!! In fact I think the appropriate question in this case could be: There is the WEB Component in Thunkable X with the same Events and Methods of Thunkable Classic. If the answer is YES, then it’s possible… I’m gonna make a research about it.