How use Response with MySQL & Airtable?

Hi Thunkers

I am basically using this code and blocks to insert data to my DB- Mysql :

and when I receive the response code (using code 200)… I delete a row of airtable :


what’s my problem?
I have discovered (some times) that I receive the code 200, the airtable row is deleted, but the data is not recorded in mysql DB.
Is there another option or another code that confirms the data saved in the DB Mysql with WEB Block?

tambien acepto ayudas en español ! :smile: :+1:

@Juan_Antonio @jerin.jacob864o

Hi @B_Hdez - it doesn’t look like either of those screenshots are from Thunkable?

Estoy buscando una solución para conectarme a mi banco mysql en el servidor externo a thunkable, vi que haces esto, ¿puedes ayudarme con eso?


¿Su banco tiene un api con el que puedes conectarte?

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Simplemente necesitas las credenciales para conectarte a tu base de datos, lo haces usando un archivo tipo conexion.php


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¿Dónde ingreso esta información en thunkable?

No, estoy buscando alguna indicación.

I think that @B_Hdez is using a different language for Thunkable (if you can do that).

Hello B_Hdez,

I would need to do as you do.
Could you explain a little bit more where you need to put this script please, and how to call it? I don’t see it in you code above. And
Thank you