connection with mysql database


I have tried to connect app to mysql database using php script as per

i have put php file on web server(public_html) directory, and run Mr Taifun’s aia file

but i have get error code 403

please help me on this error



This error indicates that you can not view the page or the entire site at the address you are requesting. Perhaps the php script needs to be placed in another site folder, where access to php scripts is allowed.

Try to get access to the script and the database from html first. To do this, create a test html page and open it in the browser.

@actech Thanks for reply,

I can access php script through url in web browser, while i put same url in web1 component, it shows error 403.

these is the url :

if i run above url through web browswe, it will show result, but If i put it on web component in thunkable, error 403 will shows.

any idea ?

Do you have an error on Android in Thunkable Classic? In Thunkable X, everything is beautifully displayed in the Web Viewer component.


I have used thunkable classic, Thunkable X also shows errer.

webviewer sussessfully shows all results, but how can i get it on text ?

So I used web component (Under connectivity ) to get its texts

these are blocks:


At me now your link even in the browser does not work therefore I can not check up. Can you give me a working link?

I worked with my php scripts through the Web API component. I did not notice the problems on iOS.

Sir, above mentioned link (

is successfully run in browser, please check it once again


For me, this link does not work in browsers. It works only through a proxy browser. Do you use a paid web server or some kind of free?

Your link does not work for me in the Safari browser on iOS.

Thank you Sir for continuing answering my query

So are there any solution to connect database / php file with thunkable app ?

I worked with my php scripts through the Web API component in Thunkable X. There were no problems.

You have some difficulties with the web-server. If it is normal to send data, then there should be no problems with their use.


Can I get aia file / blocks image that works fine with web server ? so i can make my block as per your block


I did not work with databases in Thunkable Classic. Here is an example of working with a web server in Thunkable X.

a link go to the black screen

An example can be viewed in the project on the screen “Get system info”.