My uploaded MP4 video is not displaying

My MP4 video is not displaying. I have downloaded a video from YouTube and converted it to MP4 in VLC. I uploaded a video and it says file format is not supported. Please help.

Here is my project:

When I preview your project on an iPhone 11, the video player appears but never starts and there is no error message.

Can you upload the video file here?

Thank you for replying so quickly. I cannot upload the video here. I ha ve added it to google drive niow. Here it is: Google Drive: Sign-in

You need to give access to that link. Otherwise, everyone will have to sign in to Google and request access.

I’m sorry, my video is uploaded directly from my desktop. I just made a google link for you.

Yes, and it’s not correct so I can’t help you.

You need to set it to allow “Anyone with the link” to view the file. See instructions here.

Sorry, I changed it.

Thank you. That video file is 160 bytes. It also doesn’t open:


If you download it from that same link, are you able to open and play it on your computer? If so, which application are you using to do so? VLC? I’m guessing you can’t open it because I’ve never seen a video that small work.

Even Google Drive complains about it:


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Yes, I sued VLC. Should I try uploading a larger video? It works on my computer. Thanks for your help