My turn to share

I’ve asked a lot of questions in this Community and received help from some very kind people. I wanted to share two apps that I have put together and learned from. Nothing amazing, but for anyone that is just starting out (like me) these might help.

JSON Placeholder 1 - REST Example
This app is a demo showing how to pull data from a REST service and drilling down to deeper data using the previous call.

JSON Placeholder 2 - Storing Data Local
This example I’m pretty stoked about and plan to use this for my upcoming app. It shows how to sync data down from a REST service into a local database. You can delete the data from the local and update it again from the REST service. The reason I’m excited about this one is because I wont to be able to use my app off line but still offer people the ability to store their data on line if the app needs to get changed.

These are just my first few examples so I bet the more advanced folks around here can offer some tips on how to do what I have done here better. Basically, I just felt like sharing what I have learned.


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