Anyone for API Tutorials?

Anyone interested in a tutorial series showing how to use APIs?

Here’s a pretty powerful demo I was able to build in about an hour this morning:

And it’s live as a web app too so that you can try it out for yourself!


I think it’s a great idea! I’m not in need of it but if others think it would be useful then yes. The hardest part of using an API can often be that each API is significantly different from the next. So it’s all about learning how to understand JSON responses and parse them – especially when arrays/lists and looping through nested data is concerned.


Half the battle - from a teaching perspective - is finding one that just difficult enough to work with. If it’s too basic the app is boring and the power of APIs is lost, too complex and folks will get frustrated and not finish.

This one was something of a “Goldilocks” API, where I was really impressed with how much data I could get from two calls and API itself was relatively easy to work with.

Will definitely have to include some of your tutorials as recommended reading too though!


I agree (and thank you!). The Open Weather Map API is one I like because of its versatility but it can be more complicated to use than other APIs. Sometimes, for tutorials, it’s best to go with one that doesn’t require registration and is free.

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If there was an API “cookbook”, do you have any suggestions for popular API’s that should be included? @tatiang

Would it be helpful to provide something like 10 working Thunkable examples that consume different api’s along with the respective API swagger docs along with a video explaining how each was put together?

For example:

  • Open Weather
  • Google Calendar
  • Free Cats


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