My Quiz App has problems

Hey Firstly i am sorry for my English. I am new and i am watching tuttorials. I want to make quiz and i found a tuttorial. There is an Indian guy in YouTube

I am a musician and i want to make quiz about Musical Harmony for myself. When i want to learn and practice something i like to use technology.

I have questions;

1.I want to write symbol for example; Bb is B♭ (flat symbol) how can i fix?

  1. There are 12 questions. I want to shuffle these questions but i don’t know how can i do? I tried something in Lists Blocks > Random Item and Shuffle but it didn’t work.
    End of the questions app try to show 13. questions and wrote “null” on the screen. Questions can repeat. My score is like this “Score: 1” but i want to show “Score: 5/7” And i need Timer.

  2. Each question have 2 correct answer. I can’t make 2 select.

    Doesn’ work

For example;
“D minor V and I degrees?
Correct Answers G and C”

I want to ask 2 questions in same time because II V I is a important pattern in Jazz Music.

Thank you for help


Welcome to Thunkable

To display any simple you can just copy it from any page in the internet that is showing the symbols as unicode. You can then paste it in a text variable or label to show it on screen.

The default behaviour of any general component to display data from a table is to move to an empty row at the end to allow new data to be entered. You can use the number of rows block in the Data Sources drawer to stop at row 12 (the last row) and not allow the new row (null values) to show.

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Thank you so much for answers

My questions and answers came from Database. So I couldnt write ♭ (flat symbol) in Local DB.

Actually i am in same idea but i am new so i don’t know how should i use “number of rows” could you tell me?

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Try this project