My Professional App "USA"

Hello Thunkers,
Today, I introduce my app “USA” to you and I would like you to give me your notes and tips to improve it more and more.
A thank you to:
@thunkable for their support and giving us the opportunity to create professional apps
@Andres_Cotes for his support and his great extensions “Drawer”
@jerinjacob for his support and his great extensions “Animation”
@Taifun for his support, help and his great extensions “Tool”
@Kus_Zab for his support and his great extensions “Click listener”
@Helios for his support and great extensions “Dialog”
Here is the link for my app
Learn more about the history United States of America. This app aims to increase your knowledge about United States of America. It has information and summaries about U.S Presidents and American states. This app is built to know the history of the USA. We hope that you enjoy while reading these important information about the history of United States of America. Now you can press on the name of the president or the state to show the full information about him in simple, easy and tidy way. Enjoy the reading and have fun!

● Multiple languages (English and Arabic)
● Work without internet
● Using it easily and simply
● Professional interface

● USA President:
:diamonds: His name
:diamonds: Date of birth (DOB)
:diamonds: Date of death (DOD)
:diamonds: His party
:diamonds: His wife
:diamonds: His vice president
:diamonds: In office
:diamonds: His jobs before presidency
:diamonds: His jobs after presidency
:diamonds: Biography about his life

● USA State:
:diamonds: Flag
:diamonds: Seal
:diamonds: Map
:diamonds: Name
:diamonds: Postal abbreviation
:diamonds: Capital
:diamonds: Largest city
:diamonds: Established
:diamonds: Population
:diamonds: Total area
:diamonds: Land area
:diamonds: Water area
:diamonds: Number of Reps
:diamonds: Summary


thank you for using the tools extension
keep up the good work

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You’ve done a lot for me. Many many thanks!

Some points to consider in order to improve the layout of your app…

  • you could use bigger font for the text containing the detail you provide about each state and presidents, some users may find difficult to read such small text…
  • you should not disable back button instead you could use a variable to count how many times back is pressed. On first press you could say “press again to exit app” and on the second press to really exit app. You can also reset the counting variable to zero in various stages in your app.
  • you could also use back pressed to close the sidebar when it is open
  • You can add an exit button in the sidebar. Why close the app only with swiping from the recents?
  • you could use a toast notification for changes in language instead of using of notifier component. I believe that Dialogs has such an element, however there are other toast extensions available (personally I prefer the one from @ColinTree which has the ability to show in the bottom or the center of the screen)
  • is the link to Wikipedia pointing to a specific article?
  • I like the fact that this app has no lags and runs smoothly.
  • I like the lack of ads
  • I would love to see some FABs also in the app, however I don’t know how what you would choose to do with them.

From the overall design of the app it is evident that you have spent a lot of time to create it and you have given a lot of focus to it and lot’s of research to gather the info you present.

In overall this is a very specific app to serve a very specific purpose and as Ι have already told you in private message I would not choose to install it if the previous posts have not taken place…
Also even if I installed it I would not keep it for a long time. The point is to keep the users that have opted to install the app. I think that in your case in order to do so the only way is to add more info over time…

I understand that your profession (being a teacher) has driven you to create an app, maybe for your students?

Maybe in the next app you could try something more appealing to more users…

As I already said good work, there is always room for improvement…

Keep Thunking… :wink:


Thank you so much mate!
I’m so happy to see these great points and I will immediately improve the app depending on these points!


The app has been updated.

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You are fast!! :smile:

Changes that I liked:

  • The new sidemenu background image

  • The option to adjust the font size with a slider in the sidemenu
    (make it a little bigger to help changing font size, or place it in some type of settings because when you decrease font size the sidemenu might close instead of decreasing font!!
    you are using @Andres_Cotes drawer extension for the sidemenu correct?)

  • The “stars” animation when you select a state or a president
    (I would really like to know how you did this one)

  • The fact that the facebook button in the sidemenu is pointing to different options than the FB button on home screen…

  • The custom icons in the sidemenu… I think these were changed, right?

  • That you implemented my suggestions for back button pressed to exit the app and close the sidemenu…

BUT I would love to see these suggestions implemented also…

  • Consider freezing the images on the top showing the presidents or the countries when user scrolls down to read the rest of the text…

ALSO a couple of bugs

When you display info for a president or a state there are the following issues:

  • if you make text too small then the container of the text gets smaller and it displays the background image… you should consider changing the font only not the container !!
  • Clicking on the FB button in the sidebar gives a blank screen!!
    I mean the content about the president or the state previously shown is disappearing… it shouldn’t be hard to reproduce this one…

That’s all!!! Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot mate! I will update it and make these changes.
The animation stars by an extension from @jerinjacob


I thought it had to do with particles extensions recently released …
Thanks for telling me for sure!

Did you manage to reproduce this?

Keep Thunkin’ :+1: :+1:

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New update.
Thanks a lot mate for your notes!

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I think that you have now really made your app more professional than previously…

The only thing that I have not seen fixed is the Encyclopedia link, which points to Wikipedia in general. I think that you should link to a search results page instead…

I like the change of bottom buttons icons to more colourful ones and the background image change…

Your sidebar is made with Drawer extension right? You should consider adjusting the buttons text there also…

Besides that I can’t think of anything else to propose.
Maybe a fresh eye will have fresh ideas…

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Thank you so much!
Yes, I use “Drawer extension” from @Andres_Cotes and I set the link to general wiki because I have different sources “States and Presidents” That’s why I set it to general.