My first 1K dowload Défi ATP EPS

Défi ATP EPS is an app used by sport teachers in France :

It lets teachers to make a tournament with a ranking.
Students can play against who they want, and the app will automaticly re-order players.

I just reach 1K download (we are 30K sport teachers in France, so that is pretty great!! :wink:)


Great work @clement_pignet, did you get your 1K app developer badge yet?

I didn’t get it yet!

It has to be awarded manually, I just applied it there. If you don’t see it already then it will show up for you tomorrow.

Thank you! I received it!
Thanks to thunkable for the support
Thanks to @domhnallohanlon for the fast and interesting answers, and work!

Thunkable is a great and easy way to build app, without (almost) any limit!
My 2nd app reach also 1K download.
I made ten apps with fun.

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Sir I want to ask that from which use of extension you have make a big chart to data in the app because i suffering from this problem

This is a table!

I also use SQLite extension from Taifun to store a lots of values