My Feature Request List

Here’s a list of requests I would like added:

  1. Embed actual Embed codes
  2. Able to underline or bold individual words in a label
  3. Able to dark theme text blocks
  4. Have the app to determine if an internet connection is strong or not. (We already have something similar, the “is device online” block, but I want a block that can determine if a internet connection is good, not seeing if the internet is just on or off).
  5. An automatic dark mode, then app creators making them themselves.
  6. Able to highlight labels on mobile.
  7. A “Navigate to previous screen” block.
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  1. The ability to select multiple blocks in a project and save to a custom component which can then be used in other projects.

  2. The ability to change Table names in Local Datasource

  3. The ability to see data stored in Local tables