My custom Icon Font (94 Icons)


No problem :slight_smile:


Could you possibly make a toggle… one on and one off. For example, if the ^ = on and * = of, then you can make is so when a button is clicked, if text = ^ then set button text to *:slight_smile:


I’ll try, when I have time. But for now, check out @Italo tutorial:
Android Toggle Button or just use Makeroid


Hadn’t thought of that, but now, really useful.
T H X f o r s h a r i n g


Looks good, do you have the standard arrow back, I can’t see it in the first post



Can u please add some social icons like fb,twitter,instagram, google+


Why cant i use makedroid?


because makeroid is currently in development there are tell ing that they are preparing somethung big and adding more features then other app inventors


But @ILoveThunkable Told to use makedroid So I thought it is unavailable in my country :joy::joy::joy:


No! it will be available in whole world after they are finished there work


It was said in August.


Thanks @ILoveThunkable for this new coz i never use makeroid before i have started learning thunkable in december and when i saw makeroid tutorials tutorials on youtube i liked its interface but when i go there the website is shut downed


It is down for a production-ready release. It should be available in the end of the May.


It will be. A great time for thunkers and what you think that makeroid is better than thunkable or not


Both distributions have pluses and minuses. I don’t compare distros.


yes you are right but i think makeroid have better options then thunkable and better and more components i like the makeroid


How do I use this font on
Thank you.


Hi @Juliano_Rocha, welcome to the community!

Here are the fonts that you can use in Thunkable X:


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Amazing Ben sir